High Park Little League holds its Annual General Meeting on Wednesday, November 15th, 7 pm at Swansea Town Hall (95 Lavinia Ave.)

This will be your opportunity to hear reports from the board of directors, and vote for a new board. You may also wish to run for a board position yourself. Here’s some more info:

What happens at the AGM?

  • Year in review from the board of directors, including the league’s annual financial statement
  • Discussion of important league developments over the past year
  • Introduction of new changes for the league, or those that may be discussed for the next season
  • Election of the new board of directors and league executives.

What does the board of directors do?

The board operates and governs the league to be delivered in a fair and equitable manner that is consistent with Little League Canada rules and respects the terms of our use of public space.

As a governing body, it is accountable to Little League Canada, league members, its partners such as the City of Toronto, and community at large. The league constitution provides detailed authority and responsibilities of the board.

The board is also a working group that, along with other volunteers, plans and implements league activities, maintains our facilities, and manages games and special events. 

What should I expect as a member of the board?

Expect to have three main roles:

  1. Lead and participate in league events such as:

    a) Weekly executive-on-duty shifts at the park
    b) Preseason work including registration and player evaluations
    c) Special events such as Opening Day, all-star festivities
  2. League governance activities including regular meetings (usually once a month, but more frequently from January to April, and at the end of the regular season and playoffs.)  In particular:

    a) Participate in discussions and decisions that affect how the league is run, including rules, allocation of resources, and in some cases, discipline.
    b) Represent the league to outside organizations and the public.
    c) Lead a portfolio of league business
  3. League operations and maintenance:

    a) Pre-season preparation such as facility and equipment preparation
    b) Field maintenance according to your physical abilities
    c) Maintaining of our indoor facilities prior to, and during the season

What’s the time commitment?

The board is busiest in the lead-up to the season with registration, setting a budget, and player evaluations. Toward the end of the season, board members are busy as executives on duty during playoff games, as official scorers, and to help as a calm, level-headed and impartial authority.

Generally, in addition to other league activities, you can expect:

  • Board and committee meetings 2-8 hours monthly
  • Time at the park (May-September) (e.g., executive on duty shifts, field work) 4-6 hours weekly
  • Portfolio leadership 2-3 hours weekly

What does the executive on duty do?

During the regular season, the executive on duty is an experienced member of the league who can help provide on-site guidance to coaches, ensure facilities are used appropriately, and answer questions from the community. In particular, the EOD:

  • Opens the clubhouse and locks up at the end of league events that day
  • Supports umpires when dealing with challenging situations
  • Manages on-site league emergencies
  • Supervises facility use

In the playoffs, the EOD takes on an additional role to be:

  • Official scorer and pitch counter for baseball games
  • Calm and level-headed voice in high-competition moments between coaches and umpires
  • Support for umpires and authority on rules

Do I need to be a baseball expert?

No. Ideally you would have a fair understanding of the rules and customs of baseball to run the league in its best form that meets community needs and standards. What’s most important is that you are an energetic, team-spirited and community-minded person who can put in the time and effort to deliver a top-quality program to the community. 

What kind of skills do you need?

We’re a blend of enthusiasm, professional skills and elbow grease. All of our work needs people who are well organized and committed to the best interests of the league.  Some of our portfolios revolve around:

  • Event management
  • Field maintenance
  • Finance and book-keeping
  • Communications and marketing including social media and website management
  • Rules and policy development
  • Sponsorship and fundraising
  • Volunteer management

How do I join?

Board members are volunteers elected to a one-year term at the Annual General Meeting after being nominated and seconded by anyone present. Each current board member and head coach gets a vote. One person can only cast one ballot for each respective position. Proxies are allowed, but must be present at the meeting. Anyone at the AGM can nominate or second a candidate and you can nominate yourself.

The board has 11 elected members, not including a non-elected immediate past president:

  • President
  • Vice-president (baseball)
  • Vice-president (T-Ball)
  • Treasurer
  • Secretary
  • 6 directors-at-large who manage a portfolio such as communications, policy, special events, and facilities management.

For more information, please contact [email protected].