How do I register kids for the Instructional league and T-Ball? 

If you are a returning instructional-age player (6-year-old) or T-Ball player (7-8 year-old) and want to register for the 2022 season – that’s terrific. We’ll have a link here soon to access a special registration page on TeamSnap.

If you are new to High Park, please visit the Registration page on the website for more information on how to register for those programs.

What is T-Ball?

T-Ball is a lot like baseball in many ways, but you may be surprised to learn how many differences there are. The biggest one, besides the fact that the ball is hit off a tee instead of thrown by a pitcher, is that the concept of three-outs-per-inning-per-team does not apply. Eleven kids on each side come up to bat each inning, no matter what—so there are lots of balls in play, lots of action, and lots of opportunity to learn.

The best way for parents to learn the game is to come out and cheer on your kids!

Each summer, the High Park T-Ball Association hosts nearly 200 players ages six to eight. We field 14 house league teams, four or even five rep teams, and an instructional league for our youngest players.

Every team gets at least 22 games each season, played at our dedicated T-ball diamond in Toronto’s iconic High Park. Games are officially scored by a volunteer from both teams at every game, and two umpires per game ensure a fair and fast contest. Teams are spirited and fun – you’ll hear lots of chanting and cheering.

Every player gets a full uniform to use for the season (you keep the hat and pants when you’re done, returning the jersey and belt for the next year’s team). We open the season with an Opening Day parade and ceremony with the whole High Park Little League community, and we close it with a T-ball awards banquet where each player gets their own trophy.

We also field four (or five) rep teams each year, who travel Southern Ontario representing the best of High Park T-Ball, and our youngest players learn through our Instructional League. Our amazing volunteer parent coaches are trained and dedicated, focusing each weekly practice on the skills each child needs to develop.

High Park is a great place to be in the summer. The T-Ball diamond is right beside two Little League diamonds, so there’s always lots going on. We also have a snack bar and we’re right next to the pool.

We are serious about T-Ball, and serious about having fun. We make sure every child, no matter their level of experience or ability, has a chance to try different positions and develop multiple skills.



Registration takes place online in February each year. Watch our registration page for registration dates.


  • 2021 T-ball house league: $225.00

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