What are you thankful for?  Your health? Family?  Fresh air?

If you’re the Angels, Monarchs and Orioles, don’t be shy.  Say you’re thankful for that trophy.  It’s ok.  You worked hard. You earned it.

Colonels and Cyclones, Expos and White Sox; what about you?  Thankful for good teammates?  Great coaches?  Umpires back behind the plate where they belong?

Mariners, Yankees?  Maybe thankful for that feeling.  The feeling like you’ve just discovered something wonderful?

What about you, parents?  Thankful to be out from behind the masks?  Seeing the kids having fun, just like they should be?  Allowing yourself to think about something other than the p-word?

After the excitement of the playoffs, the elation of winning and heartbreak of defeat, maybe it’s easy to lose track of some of those little things.  Like having a full season, with rep teams and travel, and playoffs.  Wow.  Those playoffs.

It’s easy to forget that last year, we didn’t start until June.  The playoffs were different.  Still good, but different.  And if you played rep for the first time this year, that’s what you were missing all this time.

The year before that? Well… let’s not talk about 2020.

And Cool J’s right.  Don’t call it a come back. We been here for years.

In fact, we’ve been here for 70 years.  And what a fitting year this was to celebrate.  With rep titles all over the province, and making T-Ball history in Ancaster.  

Here in the league office (read:  my kitchen table waiting for dinner to come out of the oven) we’re thankful for all the players, parents, coaches and other volunteers who made this season one for this history books.  Thank you for a fantastic season. That sure was fun.