To our graduating 12 year old players,

First, we want to once again express our regret that we were not able to provide you with a final year of High Park Little League baseball. We have missed watching you play, and we hope you plan to continue playing in 2021 and beyond.

To that end, there are many options available to players at all levels after you graduate from High Park. It is important to note that the competitive teams (Select level through AAA) typically begin tryouts in the first week of September, so now is the time to check schedules, get out there, and show them what you’ve got.

Because TBA (Toronto Baseball Association) defines its divisions by birth year, most of you will qualify for 13U teams; however, those born in the fall of 2007 will need to look for tryouts for 14U/15U teams.


  • Consider trying out with an appropriately sized bat that is not approved for Little League. Regular USSSA aluminum bats have more pop and can showcase your power more than our USA Baseball composite bats.
  • Get your arm in shape by working your way up to hard, long throws over the next couple of weeks. The 13U field is bigger than the Little League field, and the 14U field is MUCH bigger, and in tryouts coaches will have kids throw long distances. Out of shape arms could lead to arm injuries.
  • Try out for several teams; it’s a competitive landscape.

Check individual league sites for details. Some are more up-to-date than others, so you might need to do some digging. Here is a list of some of the leagues to which our players have moved on in recent years:

West Toronto ( – Tryouts begin September 8th

Royal York ( – Tryouts begin September 8th

High Park Bantam (

Annette (

Toronto Playgrounds (

Bloordale (

Martingrove (

York (

North Toronto (

Leaside (

For a complete list of TBA leagues, visit

House league options are available with most of these leagues as well, so there is baseball for everyone.

We wish you the very best and hope that you will stop by Ernie Keith Field next year to let us know what team was lucky enough to sign you for the 2021 season.

High Park Little League Board of Directors