Registration FAQs 2021

The HPLL Board and volunteer coaches are working hard to deliver a safe, fun baseball season in 2021. But due to Covid-19 a lot of questions remain. Please review these FAQs for any questions you may have and feel free to check back regularly. We will update them as we get closer to our goal of starting the season the week of June 14th and as we learn new information.


When are you planning to release a season schedule?

With the province’s new reopening plan, we intend to start player evaluations as soon as possible when we reach Step 1, which we expect to be around June 14 and last for at least three weeks. Practices and games could happen once the province reaches Stage 2, which could happen in early July.

Keep an eye out for TeamSnap emails, this website and our social media channels (Facebook, Twitter and Instagram) for more information about fee payments and other important dates.

Play at each stage is also dependent on the City of Toronto issuing permits for the fields.

We’re getting information reopening details and dates at the same time you read them in the news, so please bear with us as we finalize plans. Read more about Ontario’s roadmap to reopening.

Do you have a general idea what the practice and game schedule might look like?

At the moment, we plan to hold player evaluations in Step 1 of the province’s reopening plan, with practices starting in Step 2. Games would start later on in Step 2 to make sure that we can get into play safely.

We don’t yet know if there will be restrictions on the size of groups allowed on a field, so details like that will also affect how we proceed.

Health and safety protocols will be communicated to parents in advance.

We expect each team to have two or three practices and games each week.

When will rep play start?

High Park Little League’s priority is to deliver on a house league schedule first.  Rep play could be tricky.  Tournaments depend on public health restrictions in different regions and approval from Little League Canada.  As long as we’re in 50-person bubbles, it may not be possible to have inter-league rep competitions.


Do I have to pay fees before my child has been evaluated and selected for a team?

No. Until your child has been evaluated and selected for a team, you do not have to pay fees. After your child has been selected, you will get more information on fee payments.

Why am I paying full fees when there might not be a full season?

Most of the league’s costs do not change with the length of the season.  For example, uniform and equipment costs are the same regardless of the games we play.  In addition, we expect our COVID-19 protocols such as additional catcher’s masks, T-Ball pitcher’s helmets and cleaning supplies will create higher costs.  Some costs such as umpire fees and licenses for city parks might change depending on how the season goes.

If the season is shortened, will I get a partial refund?

If the season is drastically shortened, the league will look at all the factors at the time and decide on whether to refund a portion of your fees.

Health and Safety

What is your plan to help prevent the spread of COVID-19?

Health and safety of everyone in our Little League community is the top priority. We will communicate detailed protocols as we get closer to play to take into account the most recent public health advice and restrictions. Some things you should expect include:

· Limitations on the size of gatherings

· Mask requirements

· Social distance rules

· Restrictions on sharing equipment

· Cleaning and disinfection protocols

· Restrictions on spectators

· Limits on the use park facilities including bleachers, clubhouse and washrooms.

What does it mean that teams will play in a bubble?

The province’s previous colour-coded system of reopening included limits on the number of players that could participate in a league. It’s not clear yet if the new Step system will have the same limits. Stay tuned for details on that.

Read more about Ontario’s roadmap to reopening.

Will I be able to stay to watch the games and practices?

We expect to see more rules about the number of people who can attend outdoor events. We’re not clear on what the rules will be for this, but stay tuned for more information.

Can my kids still share equipment?

Family members in the same bubble will be allowed to share equipment. Sharing equipment for other players will not be allowed. Even if siblings are sharing some equipment such as a bat, catcher’s gear or T-Ball pitcher’s helmet, they should have their own glove, batting helmet and other personal gear.

Will you still provide catcher’s equipment and T-Ball pitcher’s helmets?

Yes. The league will continue to provide catcher’s gear and T-Ball pitchers helmets. Each team will have two sets of equipment to make sure two players can play each position per game. As a precaution, only one player will be allowed to wear a piece gear during the course of a game. Catcher’s and pitcher’s gear will be disinfected after each game.

If your child has their own gear that is approved for Little League play, they can also use it.

If you have any other questions concerning High Park Little League registration, please feel free to submit your question below.

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